Green. Sustainable. Zero Waste

Green. Sustainable. Zero Waste

Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day Everyday

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

PLANT MOTHER is a zero waste skincare that has always put the planet first. Product ingredients are grown organically and sustainably. During this process, water conservation, saving energy, and animal rights are of the utmost importance.

As an eco friendly skincare company, the brand is committed to ethical practices and never utilizes animal testing – always 100% cruelty-feee. 

Product packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable, and doesn’t contain any plastics. As a zero waste skincare, PLANT MOTHER uses biodegradable pulp fiber product boxes and recycled mailers.

Our Mother Earth has been mistreated by humans for centuries and will soon die if we don’t take action. That’s why PLANT MOTHER treats each day as the Earth Day and is a true eco friendly skincare company. 

PLANT MOTHER is making zero waste skincare products while saving energy and conserving water supplies. The eco friendly brand is also eliminating the need for third-party suppliers which leads to reducing carbon emissions by 25% annually.

PLANT MOTHER formulations are 100% waterless which means 65% of water being saved annually. It also means that our products are packed with rich nutrients and multivitamins instead of water with synthetic fillers. 

As a zero waste skincare company, Plant Mother doesn’t own vehicles to avoid pollution and decrease toxic gas emissions. Employees are encouraged to work remotely to reduce their carbon footprint.

Green. Sustainable. Zero Waste Skincare.

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

As a zero waste skincare, brand’s packaging is 100% recyclable – glass bottles are reusable, made out of top quality dark glass to preserve freshness and stability of serums. The company reduced excessive packaging and uses multifunctional and reusable boxes. Moreover, there’s no plastic in brand’s sustainable packaging.

PLANT MOTHER’s thank-you cards are hand-made and locally produced of a compostable mulberry fiber paper. No trees are cut, harvested, or harmed by it – it’s made from the soft bark that fully grows back again in 6 months. Not only that this is a tree-friendly paper, it’s also energy-saving – the pulp is dried on the sun and no electricity is needed to make it.

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PLANT MOTHER’s zero waste skincare company is chemical-free, pesticide-free, and plastic-free. 

This sustainable skincare has always taken a great care of perfect sanitary conditions and with the recent pandemic, the cleanliness of the production facility has been taken to the highest level. The brand only uses 100% organic non-toxic sanitizers.

PLANT MOTHER is committed to balancing purpose and profit, and promotes this sustainable business culture to its employees and customers, leading with purpose and hoping everyone will follow along, making our Mother Earth stronger and healthier each day.

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Zero waste skincare: By Using PLANT MOTHER, You'll Help Save


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Climate Conscious Delivery

We fund local environmental projects to offset the carbon footprint of our deliveries, supporting 1MW in fighting climate change.