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Meet Plant Mother, A New Skincare Behind 100% Vegan Vitamin C And Retinol Serums

“Our serums are beyond clean and beyond green – they’re free of chemicals, packed with pure botanical nutrients, antioxidants and multivitamins. I like to say that PLANT MOTHER is on a mission to detoxify beauty and deliver the highest-quality skincare to health-conscious women. And it does that while respecting the environment. “


Interview With Jena Joyce, CEO and Founder of Plant Mother Skincare

“Being 100% organic, 100% vegan, cultivating its own ingredients and developing distinctive waterless formulations packed in a zero-waste packaging are only a few of the attributes that have earned Plant Mother the coveted “beyond clean” and “beyond green” label.”


PLANT MOTHER Introduces Vitamin C and Retinol Serums, High-Quality Skincare With Low Environmental Impact

“As a conscious brand, Plant Mother firmly believes in creating clean beauty products without sacrificing efficiency, sustainability, or animal rights.”


Plant Mother’s Vitamin C And Retinol Serums Are The Next Level Of Clean Beauty

“We cultivate ingredients and hand-craft our products in-house. That’s pretty unique and helps us “own” the freshness and quality of our products in a way other brands can’t. It’s what makes us cleaner than clean and greener than green.”


PLANT MOTHER, High-Quality Skincare With Low Environmental Impact

“The entire collection is formulated to be true skin food, made of fresh ingredients with rich nutritious profile. Unlike other brands, Plant Mother grows its ingredients and hand-crafts the products in-house ensuring the freshest, highest-quality serums.”


PLANT MOTHER Introduces Vitamin C and Retinol Serums, High-Quality Skincare With Low Environmental Impact

“I’ve created a safe and healthy skincare, free of chemicals, 100% organic, vegan, and packed with powerful botanical nutrients, antioxidants, and multivitamins,” said Plant Mother’s founder and CEO Jena Joyce. “We use only the cleanest, organically grown ingredients that boost not only skin but also your health.”


5 Reasons For Dull Skin And How To Fix It

“The best serums are clean and non-toxic and we can recommend Plant Mother Skincare vegan, oil-based serum set – Retinol Serum for over the night and Vitamin C Serum for the day. 

The company has a brand ambassador program you can join to support sustainable clean beauty.”


Plant Mother Founder and CEO quoted in Forbes:

“We’ve seen revenue double from live shopping experiences in recent months and an almost 1,300% increase in referral traffic from Instagram to the Plant Mother website.”


Your Guide To Getting Radiant, Healthy Skin:

“Your skin will glow in no time if you include a vitamin C booster in your daily skincare routine. Plant Mother skincare has a clean vegan Vitamin C serum with lots of nutrients, vitamins, and omegas.”


PLANT MOTHER Steps In Metaverse, Creates The First Clean Beauty Community

“When I created the cleanest beauty brand in the market, I wanted to build a community around it. I ended up creating the first clean beauty community in the metaverse, made by women for women, in a virtual world dominated by male users.” PLANT MOTHER’s founder and CEO Jena Joyce said. 


Plant Mother’s Botanical Serum Set Should Be Your Best Friend This Winter

“We tried several non-toxic and clean Vitamin C serums and the one that really stood out is PLANT MOTHER Vitamin C Serum

It’s made of fresh home-grown botanicals containing powerful kakadu plum, over 20 antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. It will help your skin maintain its natural protection against cold weather and boost your skin’s collagen levels.”


Plant Mother Review – A New Sustainable, Zero-Waste Beauty Brand You Need To Know

 “I’m so happy to see young nursing moms using our products and loving them. Also, many women use the Plant Mother line during pregnancy because our serums are completely free of chemicals and hormone disruptors — all without a single drop of artificial ingredients.”