Face Yoga – A Guide To A Perfectly Sculpted Face

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Face yoga has become a very popular alternative to face fillers, botox, and mini face lifts. Especially because it is completely natural inexpensive way to firm up your face muscles and sculpt your face. 

In this article we’ll walk you through the top 6 face yoga exercises that can help you have a sculpted face. We’ll cover the following:

  • What Is Face Yoga?
  • Does Face Yoga Really Help?
  • How Often Do I Need To Practice?
  • Our Favorite 6 Face Yoga Exercises
    1. Flirty Eyes
    2. Jaw Focus Face Yoga Exercise
    3. Brow Raise
    4. Face Yoga For a Slimmer Chin
    5. Neck Lift Yoga Exercise
    6. Midface
  • Recap

What Is Face Yoga?

Face yoga is a method in which specifically targeted exercises are repeated on a frequent basis to engage muscles, tone the appearance of the face, and promote a more youthful look. Procedures like Botox, facelifts, and fillers can provide overnight results but can be invasive and costly.

Face yoga is a free, easy to follow, and effective alternative. Traditional yoga is a physical way to relieve stress and tension in the body. It also builds and strengthens muscles by using body weight and occasionally light weights. Face yoga is this same concept, except it’s targeted explicitly toward facial muscle relaxation. Additionally, it tones and sculpts your face muscles.

Since our face muscles don’t have the ability to strength train, we have to use a roundabout way to achieve these same results. And that is where face yoga comes in. Many of us tend to hold our stress in our faces. Strained eyes, furrowed brows, and a clenched jaw are all ways in which we do this, often without even realizing it. After a long period of time, these stressors add up to increased wrinkles and signs of aging. By practicing face yoga, you can actively combat these changes, rejuvenate your face, and bring back those super firm facial muscles.

Does Face Yoga Really Help?

The short answer is yes! Especially when combined with adequate sleep and hydration, face yoga can increase skin elasticity and tone up muscles and reduce aging features. It can also help improve any crepey skin you might have on your face or under your chin. Research has shown that frequently engaging facial muscles by practicing these exercises can actually improve overall skin appearance. Some research even shows results appearing as quickly as 10 days after beginning a face yoga exercise routine.

One of the benefits of face yoga aside from its muscle toning abilities is its promotion of lymphatic drainage. This helps release toxins and boost circulation, which leads to that dewy skin we all desire. 

Also, certain areas of the face are hit harder by wrinkles than others. The forehead, eye, and mouth are 3 of these easily affected spots. Prioritizing exercises that target these areas can make the most significant impact on your face overall. Don’t just take our word for it; give it a try and see the results yourself!

yoga exercises for the face

How Often Do I Need To Practice?

The answer to this is entirely up to each individual person. For the quickest results, daily practice is recommended. Even so, simply adding in some face yoga moves a few times a week is sure to deliver a more lifted, sculptured face. For those wanting dramatic results fast, practicing 3-4 exercises in both the morning and evening is another great routine to follow.

Our Favorite 6 Face Yoga Exercises

Most yoga exercises focus on the whole face, jowls, double chin, and midface muscles. Practicing these exercises a few times a week or ideally every day will firm up your facial muscles and make your face more sculpted. 

1. Flirty Eyes

eye exercise

Wrinkled eyes are a thing of the past with the use of this exercise. Increased elasticity in the eye area is the primary function of this face yoga move.

To perform this exercise, start by placing your pointer fingers under each eye. Be sure that the top of your fingers faces inwards, towards the nose. Next, cup your upper lip over your teeth and push your lower lip away from the top lip. Finally, flutter your eyes with an upward glance. Repeat this for 10-second intervals and up to 1 minute.

2. Jaw Focus Face Yoga Exercise

Use this exercise to tighten up both upper and lower jaw muscles to create a more chiseled look.

Begin by tilting your head back so that you are able to look straight up. Take your lower lip and move it as far above the upper lip as possible. You should feel a pulling sensation in the upper jaw area. Hold for 10-15 seconds and repeat for 2-3 minutes.

3. Brow Raise

This exercise actively works against drooping, wrinkled brow lines that come with age and day-to-day facial expressions. It can also help with crows feet. 

Start with your middle and index fingers on each eyebrow, right above the brow line. Be sure the two fingers are touching. Begin to raise your brows up and down while resisting with your fingers. Repeat in sets of 8-10 for 2 minutes.

4. Face Yoga For a Slimmer Chin

chin exercise

With aging, skin under your chin loses elasticity and becomes crepey. Often, because of the crepey skin in this area, you may look like you got double chin. Double chins will be a thing of the past with the help of this exercise. This face yoga exercise works to keep your jaw and chin line nice and tight. It actually firms the muscles and lifts up the skin that lost elasticity.

Similar to the Jaw Focus move, tilt your head all the way back until you can see the ceiling or sky. Purse your lips until that makes a kiss-like movement. Hold this move for 5 seconds and repeat for a total of 1 minute. The more times you repeat this movement, the better.

5. Neck Lift Yoga Exercise

A lifted neck helps give an appearance of youthful, vibrant skin that can reverse signs of aging of up to 5 years. This move will help you achieve that facelift-like appearance with zero surgery!

Sit in a seated position and lift your chin up slightly. Move your head to the right and hold here for 5 seconds. You should feel the stretch along the neck and shoulder line. Return your head to the middle and repeat again, on the left side this time. Repeat this cycle for 1-2 minutes.

6. Midface

facial massage

With aging, midface area is the first one to sag and lose firmness. Laugh and smile lines can give you the appearance of an aged face because of the deep folds they create in the midface. This exercise will help lift up these areas, reducing the appearance of the midface muscles overall.

Begin by opening your mouth slightly. Place your pointer fingers inside each side of the mouth. Then, push your lips outwards while simultaneously pulling the corners of your mouth outwards towards your ears. Hold this position for 5 seconds and repeat for 1 minute.


Give these moves a try on your next self-care night and feel the results yourself. By practicing these moves every day, you can see progress within just a few weeks. It’s a great way to wind down before bed and to be sure that your face will be nice and relaxed as you sleep.

Improved skin elasticity, a healthier complexion, and tighter features are all some of the great reasons to give face yoga a chance. Your face and skin will thank you!

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