How To Choose 10 Fabulous Christmas Gifts For Mom

Morgan McHose

Few things are as stressful as the Christmas shopping season. How on Earth are we expected to brainstorm creative, thoughtful, and personal gifts for each loved one in our lives year after year? And what happens when the go-to Christmas gift starts losing its appeal? In elementary school, Christmas gifts for mom were astonishingly stress-free. Come December, the teacher would guide the class through simple activities that were sure to produce reliable presents. But as we get older, the guidance seems to vanish. No one is designing the gifts on our behalf anymore.

However, this newfound responsibility isn’t something to fear—it’s an opportunity to forsake the cookie-cutter gift ideas to find something that suits your mother perfectly. Because every mom is different! And they all deserve a personalized present that reflects their individual interests. Below you’ll find a list of Christmas gift ideas especially cultivated for the gift-givers who want to ditch the typical for something personal.


Christmas can be a time for reflection and gratitude. However, for some, it’s a time of overwhelming dread or anxiety. It’s not easy to come up with Christmas gifts for mom. Moreover, there are many mothers who cannot afford a Christmas present or meal for their kiddos. A donation on behalf of your mother to an organization that supports families and children in need makes for an excellent gift. This could be a monetary donation to a nonprofit you’ve researched, or (my personal favorite) gift donations.

Every December, my mother would bring my sisters and me to the store for an afternoon of shopping for gifts to donate. These excursions are some of my favorite Christmas memories to this day. The joy that comes from giving is unparalleled. Take your mom with you and pick out some gifts and necessities together. Always consult the place you plan to donate to before you start shopping. They will typically know which gifts are in demand, and what they already have plenty of. If you’re still unsure, aim for a mixture of toys and more functional gifts. Functional gifts might look like toiletries, food, clothing, or shoes. 

christmas gifts for mom


Plant Mother’s all-organic, all-natural products are the perfect Christmas gift for mothers. The plant-based retinol serum gently rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. Many women with sensitive skin may balk at the word retinol, but Plant Mother’s retinol serum couldn’t be more different from conventional serums. Unlike most retinols, this one doesn’t cause redness, irritation, or skin purging typically associated with retinol use.

You can also gift your mom Plant Mother’s Vitamin C serum. It is packed with natural anti-oxidants that act like a great protection and nourishment for the skin. These ingredients work in unison to mitigate UVA/UVB damage and brighten your skin. The serum is non-toxic, non-GMO, and chemical free. If your mother is on the hunt for healthy, environmentally ethical skincare products, Plant Mother has the perfect gift for her. This is important because it’s never easy to find a perfect Vitamin C face cream or serum even though there’s thousands of Vitamin C products in the market. Another great benefit is that this serum contains plant-based niacinamide and Vitamin E from maracuja (passion fruit). If you’re interested in niacinamide, the best thing is to combine niacinamide and Vitamin C in a single product. 


Need more ideas for ideal Christmas gifts for mom? Beauty gifts are great but among the most difficult to choose. If you’re not sure which brand your mom prefers, you might find yourself wading through the Christmas shoppers and scouring the shelves without success. However, you can skip the mall entirely with a beauty subscription box. If your mom is vegan, there are good vegan beauty boxes to choose from. Vegan skincare is ideal for mothers who want to look their best without negatively impacting the environment in the process. Each month, your mom can experiment with new, cruelty-free beauty products, clean skincare products, beauty tools, brushes, and more.


The stigma around DIY gifts (finally) seems to be fading. After all, homemade Christmas gifts represent hours of planning and care. The craft can be as simple or complicated as you prefer. Homemade snow globes require just a handful of materials, and the result is captivating. DIY Christmas gifts showcase your creativity and dedication. Buying a Christmas gift can be done with the click of a button nowadays. DIY gifts, on the other hand, are a labor of love. Spending valuable time on a Christmas gift will show your mom how much you care.



Making memories and creating experiences can be amazing Christmas gifts for mom. In other words, spreading Christmas cheer takes many forms. If your mom is an animal lover, spend the day with her at an animal shelter. In my experience, certain animal shelters will allow seasonal volunteers to help with walking dogs, petting and socializing the cats, and maintenance. Be sure to call your local animal shelter or rescue organization first to see what sort of entry-level volunteer opportunities are available. Countless animals spend Christmas in isolated living conditions. Gift your mother the opportunity to entertain these lonely, adorable critters. She might just find a new forever friend.

There is no shortage of volunteer gift ideas, especially near Christmas. Remember to consider your mom’s favorite activities before researching volunteer roles near you. Nostalgic mothers missing the toddler years would thrive in volunteer positions working with children. Moms who like to work with their hands can help build housing for those in need. If your mom has a passion for cooking or any kind of community service, check out a local soup kitchen together.


Sometimes, the best gift is a temporary escape from ordinary life. Plan a road trip, book a train ride, or surprise her with plane tickets. She can leave the holiday stress behind and retreat to a new, relaxing spot. This is an excellent gift idea for mothers who love learning about new languages and regions. Traveling is the best way to immerse oneself in the culture. She will gain exposure to new foods, customs, landmarks, and memorable experiences.


Let’s face it—food is more than sustenance for many. And it can be one of the great Christmas gifts for mom. Food can be a comfort, a signal of celebration, a beloved tradition, and so much more. Trying new foods can also be a great way to broaden the palate and connect with friends and family. There are many food boxes available for all types of cuisines and food preferences. However, vegan food boxes and meatless options have been gaining popularity in the last few years. A monthly vegan subscription box lets your mom discover delicious, eco-friendly foods and beverages straight from the comfort of her home. This gift is for moms who appreciate the significance of food that sustains both the self and the planet.

Of course, not all vegan subscription boxes are the same. Some things to consider include pricing, date flexibility, food themes, and size. Subscription boxes that provide samples instead of large portions are easier on the wallet and stomach. Sample snack boxes are ideal for mothers who hate waste but still want to try a large variety of new brands and foods each month. For mothers who want to learn the ins and outs of cooking vegan, give her a vegan meal kit subscription box. These kits come with all the ingredients and recipes she’ll need to begin her vegan cooking journey.


Learning doesn’t have to stop after graduation. Skill-building is incredibly rewarding and provides a confidence boost at every age. Think about what your mother loves most or has taken a recent interest in. A simple Google search will reveal local classes related to her passion. Baking and cooking classes are great ideas for the foodie mom. For the artsy mom, calligraphy or painting classes are the way to go.

If you can’t locate a class nearby, look for virtual programs. There are countless online classes that offer a similar learning experience for all students, no matter their location. Find a class or program that enhances your mom’s passions and connects her with like-minded individuals. Doing so will show your mom that you notice her hobbies and want to create an amazing experience just for her.


There’s nothing better than creating memories together! And, experiential gifts are extremely flexible Christmas gifts for mom. Design the perfect day for your mom! Check for concerts, sports games, holiday festivals, and other local activities. For example, many cities host Christmas plays in the wintertime. A ticket to the local Nutcracker performance is perfect for the theatre- and holiday-loving moms.

Many local businesses will add an exciting, once-a-year Christmas event to their calendars. If you’re aiming for a budget-friendly experiential gift, check out your local zoo, community center, or library. They might be hosting special-themed events that are free or low-cost. Other budget-friendly experiences that active moms in particular will love include hiking, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and camping.

It may sound cliché, but it really is the thought that counts. Any gift that demonstrates how much the giver cares for the recipient is a guaranteed hit. With creativity and research, incredible gifts can be found at every price range and location. Happy Holidays, and good luck!


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