Fertility Crystals – Everything You Need To Know

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Fertility Challenges

In this article we’ll talk about fertility crystals and how they can help your body prepare for pregnancy.

Making every effort to become pregnant can be a long and frustrating experience. Along with not becoming pregnant, finding treatments is another long and confusing experience as well. However, it is important to remember that this is actually a very common issue. Almost 1 in 7 couples experience difficulty conceiving. It is almost like a disease that affects both male and female reproductive systems. People who have experienced the struggles themselves can have ramifications on not only their health but their emotional wellbeing additionally.

If struggling to conceive, there are a few options that aid with fertility. Some include medication, natural fertility boosters, assisted conception, and even crystal therapy. However, many of these options are expensive and take quite some time to make changes. That being the case, fertility crystals are an inexpensive way to help your body prepare itself for pregnancy and aid in childbearing.

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What are crystals used for?

Dating back to many ancient cultures, including Egypt, Greece, and China, crystals were believed to hold healing properties. Ancient Egyptians used crystals for healing and protection. Chinese medicine includes the use of crystals like face rollers and gua shas. Ancient Greek and Romans also used crystals for protection, mostly when in battle but in medicine too.

Crystals promote the flow of good energy while ridding the body of negative energy. They emit energizing vibrations that help people reach a more peaceful state of mind. This positively interact with your body’s energy field also known as your body’s chakra. The body has seven chakras: crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra and root chakra.

All crystals serve different purposes for different people. Some examples including crystals for health, wealth, love, and fertility. Overall, they have been used in cultures around the world to promote mental, spiritual, and physical health, and wellbeing.  Although there is no scientific backing that crystals actually have medicinal properties, many people find that crystals have improved their overall wellbeing. Nevertheless, all crystals and chakra stones have different effects on the mind, body and spirit.

Fertility Crystals – What are they?

Fertility crystals are simply different types of crystals that are used to help heal the mind, body and spirit in preparation for pregnancy. Most of the crystals that aid in fertility target an area of the body through one of our seven chakras. Many health issues could arise by problems with the body’s chakras. 

Therefore, looking after your wellbeing and cleansing your chakras can not only help you get in touch with your energy, but also prevent future health issues. This results in helping to stay positive throughout pregnancy. Not only can fertility crystals be used for getting pregnant but can also be used during and after pregnancy. By helping to get rid of negative energies and keeping you aligned, your intentions can then be manifested into reality. Also, because of covid vaccine and fertility, especially during the pandemic, fertility crystals could help you.

How the fertility crystals work?

As stated earlier, the body has seven chakras. When your chakras are blocked, this can limit the good energy flow throughout the body and can negatively affect your wellbeing. A few reasons as to why your chakras could be blocked include health issues, poor posture, an unhealthy diet, and even too much stress. Therefore, different crystals have different electromagnetic properties, which then interact with your chakras. There are various ways to unblock your chakras, the main being the use of crystals. Yoga postures, breathing practices, and meditation also help unblock chakras.

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Fertility crystals are related to one or more of these chakras:

    • Sacral chakra: The sacral chakra is located just below the bellybutton, above the pubic bone. Associated with sexual and creative energy, issues with this chakra could result in urinary problems, lower back, pain, and infertility. Poses that strengthen the pelvic floor like Bridge Pose or Pigeon Pose help build up this chakra.
    • Heart chakra: The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest, right above the heart. Associated with love and compassion, a block in the heart chakra can result in heart problems, asthma and weight issues. Heart opening poses like Camel post that opens the chest and shoulders, allowing one to open more towards other and learn to embrace more.
    • Root chakra: The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, by the tailbone.  A blocked root chakra can result in physical issues like arthritis, constipation and bladder or colon problems. When grounded, one will feel a sense of security and the ability to overcome challenges. Any balancing poses, like the Tree pose, Mountain or Warrior pose are great for forming a better relationship with your body’s foundation.

Which crystals are best for fertility?

Even though the use of crystals isn’t fully backed by scientific evidence, there are many people who see benefits with use and practice. Here are a few types of crystals that are believed to tackle infertility (in no particular order):

Rose quartz: Mostly associated with the heart chakra, this pink-colored quartz stone targets hormones and emotions helping restore trust in relationships, inspire love, trust and self-worth, while also bringing a sense of inner peace. Place the stone next to you in bed or under your mattress so it stays near you all night.

Carnelian: Known as the go-to crystal for fertility, this red or orange stone helps support the reproductive organs in both women and men while inspiring creativity and endurance. You can carry it or wear it somewhere close to the sacral chakra, near the reproductive region.

Moonstone: This iridescent stone, also known as the woman’s healing stone, is known for fresh, new beginnings. It brings balance back into women’s cycles, hormones, and metabolism. Therefore, this stone helps with regulating the menstrual cycle. It is known to prepare the uterus for pregnancy and the future birth of a baby. Hold the moonstone on a full moon and after, keep it on you or under your pillow at night.

More Fertility Crystals

Lepidolite: This stone is thought to improve one’s psychological well-being and aid in inner peace. This stone of peace and transformation can help alleviate feelings of stress or depression which can arise when TTC. To regain that inner peace, wear lepidolite in a piece of jewelry to keep it on you at all times.

Citrine: This bright yellow quartz brings joy and enthusiasm to every aspect of one’s life. It helps release negative emotions like fear or doubt, two very well-known emotions one can feel when thinking about pregnancy or going through it. It also encourages motivation and supports concentration. This can be worn or carried every day and is recommended to wear at work so one can stay focused with a clear mind.

Aventurine: The green-colored quartz helps open up your heart chakra. This stone has energetic properties, promoting general wellbeing, fostering trust and bringing good luck. It is recommended to use aventurine in meditation practices to intensify the desire and intention.

Fluorite: A multicolored crystal that helps clear negative energy and offers healing properties within oneself. This stone offers great healing benefits by helping fortify the body’s immunity from diseases. This stone has many colors and is known to be worn as accessory.

additional crystals for fertility

Aquamarine: This beautiful blue stone removes worries and helps one gain self-confidence. It also offers a great amount of positive energy. Most of the time, aquamarine is associated with water, and cleansing the body from harmful toxins. Since it is such a beautiful stone, it is mostly worn as jewelry, kept on the body at all times.

Chrysoprase: This green stone helps intensify sexual drive and energizes the heart chakra. It also helps with infertility caused by infection, and shields against STDs. To liven up one’s love life, it is recommended to carry this stone with you along with a carnelian stone.

Rhodonite: During a difficult time, like pregnancy or trying to get pregnant, this stone can help restore the balance of emotions to keep you centered. Its healing energy enhances fertility and prepares the uterus for pregnancy. A rhodonite necklace is usually given to women trying to conceive.

Unakite: This multicolored stone enhances all three important chakras when it comes to infertility, the sacral, root, and heart chakra. It releases bad energy and brings in the good, positive energy. It is also known to balance the mother and child’s health during the pregnancy as well. Besides being worn, it can be used as an elixir by placing it in a small bowl filled with water.

Jade: This stone promotes a healthy pregnancy and is one of the best crystals for treating the many problems of infertility. Simply holding this stone can make you absorb good energies; however, it could also be placed near you so you can touch it all day.


How to Use Fertility Crystals

Once you’ve chosen the fertility crystal you think will work best, it is recommended to clean your crystal before use. The crystals could have picked up energies from people touching and being around them. However, do not fear! Crystals could easily be cleansed with a few suggested methods. You can wash your crystal in water. However, be sure it is not a crystal that dissolves in water. If it can’t be cleansed with water, you can burn some sage and move the stone through the smoke, burying it in brown rice, or exposing it to the moonlight.

After cleansing the crystal, there are various way to use it. You can wear it as jewelry, so it is always on you, physically touching your body. Any piece of jewelry works – necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, or anklets. You can keep the crystal near your bed or under your mattress or pillow so the energies could flow through the body in your sleep. If it is safe to use with water, you can shower or bathe with it. Lastly, you can hold it and use it during meditation practices.

If you feel as if your crystal still doesn’t work after trying out various ways to use it, you could also try charging it. Charging your crystal is done to replenish its energy. Some ways a crystal could be charged includes talking to it or breathing on it to pass your energy onto it, taking it outside to absorb nature’s energy, or surrounding it with more crystals.

Do fertility crystals have scientific backing?

Even though there is no scientific research that backs up whether or not fertility crystals actually help with conception, there are many people that have tried using crystals and say it has worked for them. Crystals could have mental and even physical benefits. It is similar to how people use the power of prayer or other religious practices. Having faith in healing crystals and chakra stones can work the same way. Along with that, there is no harm to using crystals.

Fertility Crystals - Final Thoughts

While fertility issues can cause stress, it never hurts to try crystal healing. Ultimately, crystals can help relieve stress and help realign your chakras to be more at peace. This positively affects your body which could eventually help with fertility. It is as simple as opening up your body to receive positive energy that can aid in the first steps towards a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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