Chakra Stones – All You Need To Know About 7 Chakra Crystals

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In this blog post, you’ll learn how to open the seven energy points of your body – their significance, benefits, and what chakra stones to use.

Here is an overview of the topics discussed:  

  1. What are the seven chakras?  
  2. Why do they matter?  
  3. How to use chakra stones?  
  4. What chakra stones to use?   
  5. Tips for balancing chakras  
  6. Root Chakra: Red, Earth
  7. Sacral Chakra: Orange, Water 
  8. Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow, Fire
  9. Heart Chakra: Green, Air  
  10. Throat Chakra: Blue
  11. Third Eye Chakra: Indigo 
  12. Crown Chakra: Violet
  13. Tip for balancing spiritually with chakra stones

What are the seven chakras and Chakra Stones?

The seven chakras represent the centers for spiritual power in the human body. Chakras are first mentioned in the earliest literacy record of Hinduism, the Vedas, originated as far back as 1500 and 500 BC. The word chakra translated from Sanskrit means ‘wheel,’ as thought to be spinning disks of energy flow in our bodies.  

In addition, each chakra represents a different physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual state. The seven chakras follow along the spine, through the neck to the crown of the head.  

Starting with the first chakra, the root chakra focuses on the base of the spine and the pelvic floor. It is the foundation of our spiritual energies and is responsible for stability. And when such basic needs like water, shelter, and safety are met, we feel more grounded and safer. Chakra stones such as hematite, onyx, and red jasper empower root chakra.

Next, the second chakra relates to emotions, creative expression, and sexuality. This chakra is called the sacral chakra, and it is focused on the lower abdomen below the navel. Therefore it concerns our sense of abundance, well-being, and pleasure.  

Our third chakra, the solar plexus, examines our ‘individual power.’ For instance, our self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. This chakra is found in the stomach area, where we experience nerves and the feeling of butterflies.  

Then connecting the spiritual and physical, we have the heart chakra. At the center of the chest, we have the center for self-love and the love for others. That’s why this source can be associated with compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and inner peace.

More Chakras

Finally, the last three chakras focus on the spiritual, centering around our head. You’ll see below how chakra stones affect all these chakras and the spiritual power of the body. The throat chakra gives us the ability to communicate truthfully and clearly. Followed by the third-eye chakra, a closer connection to the divine. Located on the forehead between our brow bones, this chakra controls our intuition, imagination, and wisdom. Lastly, we have the crown chakra, on the top of our head, which allows spiritual growth, higher consciousness, and a sense of unity.  

Why do Chakras and chakra stones matter?  

In ancient Indian healing systems, chakras and chakra stones play a significant role. That’s why many believe that aligned chakras can lead to good health and well-being. Therefore, is we maximize energy flow we can remove blockages. If a chakra is blocked, it can manifest into either a physical or emotional issue. When balanced you can release negative thoughts more easily, thus less likely to manifest within.  

Since all seven chakras are interconnected, an imbalance or blockage can affect the rest. For instance, if our root chakra isn’t stable then we can feel disconnected, disorganized, anxious, and restless. Even an overactive root chakra can present as annoyance towards people, greediness, rigid boundaries, impulsiveness, and difficulty accepting change.  

Therefore, you should practice methods to balance your energies. It is extremely important for your mental and physical health.  


How to use chakra stones?  

This is where chakra crystals come in. In ancient cultures, crystals were believed to hold healing properties. Crystals have been believed to transmit positive energy to you while also absorbing negative energy. Although there is no scientific evidence correlating diseases and energy flow, crystal healing dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.  

Modern crystal healing is borrowed from traditional Chinese, Hindu, and Buddhist understandings of life-energy. As chakra stones are believed to hold vibrational energy, they can balance out our emotional, physical, and spiritual energies.

For that reason, having a crystal can help balance and re-tune your chakras. There are some ways that you could incorporate chakra healing stones into your daily life. For instance, you can wear the stones as jewelry over the intended chakra area, take time meditating with the stones, keep a stone in your pocket, or even fall asleep with it under your pillow. 

What chakra stones to use? 

Each chakra has its own crystals with their own purposes. Therefore, here are some of the corresponding chakra stones and chakras with their intentions.

Root Chakra: Red, Earth  

Hematite: One of the protective chakra crystals that absorbs all negative energy from you and the area around you. It can help to balance your aura, offering support and optimism. Its grounding properties center your mind and spirit.  

Onyx: One of the chakra stones for decisiveness and strength. It keeps your senses sharpened, shielding you against harm. As an amulet against negative energy, it grounds your body, mind, and soul by activating solid standing, creative focus, and creating new paths of wisdom.  

Red Jasper: A strong protection chakra stone for stability and security. Therefore, red jasper protects against threats and eases emotional stresses. It is known as the stone of endurance, inviting you to keep focus and strength during times of stress. Moreover this chakra stone is noted to tether you to the ground giving you strength to revitalize and renew.  

Sacral Chakra: Orange, Water

Tiger’s Eye: The empowerment stone used for the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. As a stone of protection, it roots stability and strength, and can bring luck to the wearer. Moreover it helps focus the mind, promoting clarity, and resolving problems without unnecessary emotions. As an amplifying stone it is known to boost one’s psychic abilities.  

Carnelian: A stabilizing stone, restores vitality and motivation. Said to stimulate sexual energy and boost fertility. It promotes confidence as well as stimulating creativity. Also known to calm anger, banish negativity, and treat lower back problems. It has strong connections to the first three chakras.  

Sunstone: One of the powerful healing chakra stones. Connected to the sun, it is a stone of leadership. Therefore, inspiring independence and originality. Also believed to increase opportunities for leadership and promotion. Works on people with phobias by easing their fears. 

Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow, Fire  

Amber: A healing stone that can absorb pain and negative energy. Improves self-esteem and confidence, can help motivate decision-making, balance, and patience. Moreover amber can re-teach one to express themselves emotionally and channel their true self.  

Citrine: One of the ‘success’ chakra stones. It promotes success and abundance, in business and commerce can improve economic growth. Greeks believed that citrine held power and abundance abilities. When balancing our third chakra, citrine can alleviate depression and self-doubt by creating emotions of belonging and harmony.  

Pyrite: A determination stone, used to encourage prosperity, enhance willpower, and strengthen the mind. In addition, a powerful manifestation stone. Meditating with pyrite can point you in the direction of your life goals and ambitions.  

fertility crystals

Heart Chakra: Green, Air  

Rose Quartz: A calming crystal, promotes calmness and serenity. Can be used to heal the heart from pain and emotional trauma, such as divorce, break-up, and grief. Best used over the heart taking deep breaths, imagining the stone radiating love and positive energy. Also great for peace and self-love.  

Jade: A heart chakra stone also referred to as the stone of luck and happiness.  Jade has been used to enhance maturity in relationships by promoting honesty and understanding. Its healing properties are associated with kidney and bladder problems and hormonal imbalances in fertility.   

Malachite: A very powerful gemstone, associated with fertility, death, and resurrection. Egyptians referred to it as the “God Stone” and other cultures considered it one of the natural fertility boosters. This stone of transformation heals the wearer through acceptance, forgiveness, and personal growth. Together with other fertility crystals, it can also help to regulate the menstrual cycle and assist with labor pains.

Throat Chakra: Blue 

Aquamarine: The stone of open and fluid communication, allows one to speak their truth and inspire passion within. On of the chakra stones of the sea, made to cleanse and nourish the throat chakra. Also as a guide to manifestation and the law of attraction, it will assist with communication and compassion.  

Lapis Lazuli: The blue stone of friendship, used to enhance existing and new friendships. A great crystal for anger when struggling to communicate at time of stress. Worn as a necklace close to the throat, it can best promote the wearers communication skills.  

Turquoise: As a stone of communication, encourages those with a fear of public speaking. Also known to promote positive thinking, serenity, and empathy. It can open connections between friends and strengthen bonds.  

Third Eye Chakra: Indigo 

Amethyst: The chakra stone of spirituality used for the third eye and crown chakra. The purple stone’s powers purify the mind of negative thoughts and can relieve headaches and improve sleep. As an awakening stone it invites psychic abilities and higher consciousness.  

Fluorite: The stone of mental excellence, allowing one to work towards goals through precision and purpose. With a variety of colors, blue fluorite best works on spiritual awakening. Green fluorite helps with one’s intuition, and purple is best used for clearing the Third Eye chakra.  

Labradorite: Also used as a throat chakra stone, it can connect one to the bigger universe. Its iridescent blue protects the wearer from negative forces and opens the Third Eye chakra. Moreover it has been thought to awaken intuition and hold the power of the Universe.  

Crown Chakra: Violet 

Clear Quartz: A stone of master healing, boosts overall energy. Filling one with purpose and power, the crystal opens your crown chakra and welcomes you to access your higher being. This multidimensional stone is great in filtering negativity and expanding consciousness. Also, great to use for headaches.  

Selenite: One of the cleansing chakra crystals, heals all energy centers of the body. It tunes into higher frequencies and allows connections between you and your spirit guides. Known as the goddess stone, selenite works great for those that want to experience signs from the universe. It brings peace and purity to those that wear it.  

Lepidolite: The stone of transition, lepidolite can help aid issues of codependency by promoting independence and trust. It has also been known to bring cosmic awareness through astral travel while tuning into one’s previous lives.

Tip for balancing spiritually with chakra stones

Every chakra stone has its own distinct purpose, many of which overlap. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to stay in tune with your body and encourage yourself to balance your chakras.  

Yoga is another great way to reduce stress and maintain balance. Our chakras can be out of line due to all sorts of things like lifestyle choices and emotional issues. Yoga allows the body to balance itself as well as be an effective meditation practice. Additionally, there’s face yoga which is very beneficial for balancing your mind and also sculpting your face muscles.

Moreover, meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety, chronic pain, high blood pressure, and lower chances of heart disease. Meditation enhances the flow of positive thoughts, while allowing the person to become more aware of themselves and surroundings. It is extremely important to take a moment of time for yourself every day to focus on deep breathing and casting away all obstacles and stressors. While meditating remember to bring your crystals and chakra stones; they can improve the experience and help clear the environment of negative energies.  

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