Spa Facial: A Definitive Guide To Facials You Should Get in 2023

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Booking a spa facial can be complicated. Firstly, there are always tons of options to choose from and they all sound great. Secondly, it can be hard to decipher what each option actually means for your skin. And finally, it can be really difficult to take stock and identify what your skin needs. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the most common types of facials, what they do, and who they’re most suited for. We’ll be discussing:

  • Organic Spa Facial Treatments
  •  Microneedling
  • Sculpting Facial
  • Chemical Peel
  • Hungarian Spa Facial
  • Vampire Spa Facial
  • HydraFacial
  • Eastern-European Spa Facial

Organic Spa Facial Treatments

Spa facial can be done using various types of products. Typically, each spa partners up with a skincare brand to create their signature facials while using partnering brands products. Therefore, look for spas that use high-quality brand products. At the end of the day, quality of a spa facial greatly depends on the quality of a product used during the facial treatment.

As we said, you should always look for spas that use best quality products. For example, look for the ones that use gentle, all natural products with organic ingredients. Clean beauty and vegan skincare treatments will provide you with necessary skin nutrients and make your chosen spa facial way more effective than the treatment with conventional creams and serums. 

Additionally, it’ll prevent skin purging or irritation for those with sensitive skin. Don’t hesitate to ask your esthetician what face serum or face oil they use and what ingredients they use in case your spa prefers white label products.


What it does: Microneedling requires a medical aesthetician or nurse practitioner to use a tool with many ultra-fine needles on the end to puncture the skin. It cannot be done at home or in a spa without licensed personnel. Puncturing the skin with these needles helps increase the cell turnover rate which can help minimize fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, and discoloration.

Some practitioners use tools that combine microneedling with RF (radio frequency) lasers to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Because the treatment involves opening tiny wounds on the skin, it’s extra important to follow any aftercare instructions and clear your day for relaxation and recovery. Microneedling is more akin to a medical procedure than a relaxing spa facial, but it’s incredibly rejuvenating and it helps with clogged pores.

Who it’s for: microneedling is a great option for anyone with concerns about aging skin, acne scars, or dark spots. The needles stimulate collagen production which help to smooth and plump the skin instantaneously. However, if acne scars and dark spots are your concern it may take a few sessions before you start to notice a difference in your skin. Be sure to consult with your practitioner to develop a treatment plan that suits you.

gua sha self massage

Sculpting Facial

What it does: Purportedly, sculpting facials are like workouts for your face. Designed to work the muscles in your forehead, cheeks, and jaw, sculpting facials became a trend in mid 2021. You don’t need to see a medical professional for this facial, and can even do it at home using gua sha tools. The sculpting facial with make your facial muscles more toned and also help with crepey skin around eyes and under your chin.

The idea behind this facial is to push inflammation out of your face and get blood circulating to your skin. Increasing the circulation of blood to your skin can give you a nice (temporary) plump and glow. Some gua sha users feel that this type of facial can also be a form of meditation.

Who it’s for: everyone! Whether you’re ten or a hundred-and-ten, setting aside fifteen minutes out of your day to give yourself a soothing face massage is a great act of self care. It can also help ground you in your body.

Chemical Peel

What it does: chemical peels are an extremely popular spa facial treatment because they are effective, inexpensive, and are easily adapted to suit the needs of the patient. Light-strength chemical peels can be purchased and used at home, while greater-strength peels must be performed by an aesthetician. Chemical peels use acids to melt dead skin and debris out of the skin for a more clear and smooth look.

This procedure is also great for eliminating dark spots as the acids used can permanently lighten the skin, though this is only at greater strengths. If you do decide to use a chemical peel that you bought at a store, it’s extremely important to follow the directions that accompany the product. It is possible to get a chemical burn from an improperly applied peel.

Who it’s for: chemical peels can be good spa facial for anyone when done correctly. They can be a great option for those just looking for a light polish for their skin as well as those looking for a more intense change. Those with sensitive skin should always perform a patch test behind the ear before applying a chemical peel to the face.

Hungarian Spa Facial

What it does: Hungarian facials are all about putting good stuff into the skin. Hungary is home to mineral-rich hot springs whose waters have provided healing and rejuvenation for over two-thousand years. This spa facial combines warm steam, nourishing products, and a facial massage to leave you with soft, plump, glowing skin. It’s what many of us think of when we hear the word “facial.”

Who it’s for: If you’re looking to relax and come away from your treatment feeling like a new person, this is the option for you. Hungarian facials are perfect for all ages, gender, and skin types because we could all use a little more TLC.

Vampire Spa Facial

What it does: When getting a vampire facial, the first thing that happens is you get blood drawn. They only need two teaspoons from you. Then the practitioner places the vial of blood in a centrifuge to separate it into two parts. The first is all the red and white blood cells, which don’t get used in the vampire facial. The second part is the plasma. This is where all the good stuff is, and it’s often called your body’s very own “super serum.” Using a special device, the practitioner creates microchannels in the skin which allow the plasma to sink deeper into the skin.

Who it’s for: If you’re squeamish, stay away from this one. But otherwise, it’s an all-around rejuvenating treatment that helps the skin be stronger and healthier. It’s important that you discuss the vampire facial with your doctor before booking an appointment, especially if you have any blood-born conditions or are taking blood thinners.

facial massage


What it does: HydraFacial is quickly becoming one of the most popular types of spa facial. It uses a 3-step process to cleanse, extract, and infuse your skin. During the first phase, the very top layer of dead skin and dirt is exfoliated off to reveal a brand new layer of skin. Next, the practitioner uses a special suction tool to extract build up and black heads from the pores. Finally, a nourishing serum is infused into the skin. The whole procedure takes around thirty minutes and is extremely popular. For similar procedures and a more in depth look at how hydrodermabrasion facials work, learn all you can online or by calling your spa to get the information before heading out for a treatment.

Who it’s for: Everyone! HydraFacial provides a boost that’s great for all skin types!

Eastern-European Spa Facial

What it does: this facial is famous for its thorough extractions. It starts with facial steaming and continues to prepare the skin with a 30 minute facial and decolletage massage. After steaming and massage comes the important part – facial extractions. They can be painful sometimes, but the results are great – all the pimples are gone and pores are cleaned afterwards. These facials can include extractions of your back, so that’s why this spa treatment can be a good part of men’s skincare routine

Who it’s for: this facial is great for people with problematic and acne-prone skin. It’ll help clean up the pores, and reduce the inflammation. Thorough extractions can make your skin a little red right after the facial, but the redness disappears in a day or two.

Final Thoughts

Many people go to the spa for dysport vs botox, fillers, and other popular treatments. Spa facials range from blissfully relaxing to intensely rejuvenating with so many options in between. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself and some friends to a lovely day at the spa or you’re prepared to be in a bit of pain, we hope that next time you book a treatment you do so with confidence. Don’t forget to look for a spa that works with best skincare products and the skincare brands whose values align with yours. 

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